E-Mail Recovery

We support the leading e-mail client software including Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.

Currently, there are many formats available to support e-mail on desktop and laptop computers. DBI supports the major formats and can restore your files in a variety of ways. With both Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, your e-mail is stored in a single file commonly located on your local hard drive.* Unfortunately, that creates a single point of failure for all your e-mail. Below are some common problems our clients have:

Exporting and Importing into different client software

  • Correcting corrupt PST files
  • Correcting over-sized PST files
  • Retrieving mail that has been deleted from :Deleted Items”

Additional Information:

Microsoft Outlook:
When not used in conjunction with an Exchange Server, Microsoft Outlook uses “Personal Folders” or PST Files to store your e-mail data. These files have set limits that will allow the file to grow only to a maximum size of 1.99 GB. If you have reached this limit your file will corrupt and you will be unable to access your e-mail. For this situation, we have developed special techniques to recover your lost e-mails. PST Files commonly fail due to corruption far before the maximum limit is reached, so we recommend that you avoid letting these files get too large.

Microsoft Outlook Express:
Outlook Express is another very common e-mail client used by millions. Unfortunately, there are a number of versions in use and it is not always easy to transfer your mail from one version to another. If you find yourself in this situation, contact us and we can help.