Operating System Recovery

Vital to any good security plan, security configuration is one of the most overlooked vulnerabilities. We offer a complete package that is simple and easy to deploy.

Many small businesses today find themselves in a situation where they want to have a more secure environment but don’t feel that they have the necessary resources or means to accomplish the task.DataRecoveryCorp has years of experience creating secure, custom configurations to help businesses meet this need. We can create a custom security package to easily configure your operating systems to prevent unauthorized access and protect your valuable data. The cost of having an unauthorized user or other person on your network can be quite costly and in some cases has put people out of business. Approximately half of all incidents occur internally, so even if you are not connected to the Internet it is important to have security controls in place.

The Process:
First, we collect data from you pertaining to your business. From that information, we create a security package that makes changes on your operating system to prevent unauthorized access. We then send you the security package and give you detailed instructions about how to apply it. Typically it takes about five minutes to apply the template. After this process, we would have you test the settings to make sure they are the right fit for your organization. It is important not to have them so restrictive that your employees cannot get their job done. After the initial tests, we work with you on any changes you need to better fit your organization and make the final package. It is then deployed on your network in one of several ways depending on your architecture. Our security specialists are with you every step of the way to ensure success.

As new operating systems become available and your working environment changes, we understand that your security controls must change also. We offer a maintenance package that establishes a relationship so that we can be there to help you along the way. By having intimate knowledge of your environment we can ensure the highest level of security and the best customer service. Any changes to your security package would be covered under your maintenance agreement so you know your costs upfront and can feel confident about your security plan.